Why you should hire a contractor or a freelancer.

Contractors and Freelancers are their own company. It makes sense that they value the accuracy and function of their work. They have huge incentives that motivate them to improve.

Having a few freelancers to work with during busy times helps you keep from overloading and burning out your regular staff.

Freelancers don’t charge to fix their mistakes. They do their best the first time and correct promptly if a mistake is discovered.

This is very distinctly different from an employee who will correct their mistakes – but they get paid for their work twice, possibly overtime work to do so. They can really rack up a good income, based on making mistakes… so where is the incentive to improve…?

Ugly truth: employees have incentive to do poorly… just as long as its not so bad that they lose their job.

This post originated at http://www.brazenhustle.com

New Year Resolutions…

They feel good to talk about. It also feels good to know that no one really expects you to fulfill them.

Some will achieve their resolution, some will not.

Those that didn’t achieve, forgot their goal and dropped it.

Those that achieved, forgot their resolution – because they made it a habit.

Then one November Saturday afternoon, they look up and notice that they surpassed their resolution – and it seems like they didn’t even have to try.

This post originated at http://www.brazenhustle.com