It is so good to be self employed because…

Its sooo good to be self employed because:

I get to altogether avoid the dangerous traffic commute I used to brave every morning while I was barely awake- and, also avoid the other half of that dangerous commute and crazed raging drivers every evening after work. Plus all that gas money saved!

I get to just watch the snow gently falling outside my home office window instead of scraping it from my windshield at dawn with frost bitten hands in the bitter cold.

I get peace, quiet, and privacy all day long and any time I want.

Yes, its worth that extra 8 or so percentage of employment tax for sure!

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Rude assumptions

“Are you awake?” I have been asked this many time by many rude clients.  Its so insulting and I would love to state, “Bitch, I’ve been working since 5 a.m. Are you working or are you just at work?”

Of course, I can’t say that. I gotta stay professional.

Another one is, “What are you doing?” When clients call and ask this, its so awkward. I just say, “I’m working… what’s up?”

The best thing you can do, is have a very simple reply – as simple as possible – followed by an immediate question.

People other than clients can be rude too. It all comes from them thinking that you don’t actually work, because you work from home… Its such crap.

The truth is, all those people in offices – they aren’t busy working all day. They spend a bunch of time kissing ass, thumbing social media, and talking shit. They waste hours every day, I’ve seen it and so have you.

I can’t blame them for wasting their day, working in an office sucks. I remember how much I hated it. Kudos to them for finding a way to get through it with minimal suffering.

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Finding your groove in Routine.

We have to have some kind of Routine or structure around our workday.

Get up at a time, start working at a time, etc.

But it can be hard to fight the urge to snooze. I can’t tell you how many times I was woke up by a client call, too early (and sometimes too late) in the morning…

Things that have helped me get into my routine/groove:

  • Placing my alarm away from my bed.
  • Picking and album or audio book to listen to, on repeat, for a certain block of time as I work through the morning. There is a lot of progress to be made from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., but not if you spend that time surfing youtube for entertainment.
  • Having pets that need to be taken care of early in the morning.
  • Planning my day the night before, so I can hit the ground running.

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Convert your job to Remote contractor working from Home.

I am always and forever grateful to have been born in this time and space. The internet and technology have made boundless opportunity for the individual.

If your job relies on a computer, and a staggering amount of jobs do, you have the opportunity to work remote, for yourself.

You probably go through your day hating your job, I did for sure. But, consider keeping your job – but working for yourself as a remote contractor.

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No substitute for perseverance.

Don’t give up and be prepared not to let up for 3-5 years.

Expect to get burned out.

These things happen, so expect them. Don’t be upset that you did not get a vacation last year or that you have worked long hours for too long.

You will succeed if you can push yourself through that rough initial period where you are establishing yourself.

No, its not healthy per se.  So, learn about self care and do those things to help you cope.

Hard work is the number one reason you will succeed as self-employed.  That being said, you absolutely must know your value and pay yourself fairly.

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5 reasons working from home is great.

1. I get more time out of my day. Without the commute and meetings alone, I gain roughly 2 hours a day of working time.

2. I can work anytime I want. So, If I’m having a hard time sleeping one night – I can get up and work. And, even better, I can take a great nap the next day after having some quiet quality work time the night before.

3. There is much less personality clash when I work remotely, versus cohabitation in an office.

4. Its easy to eat healthy when I make my own lunch and don’t have to drive by all that delicious fry smell.

5. I get to work in my pajamas… But, that will only fly for about half a day before I start feeling gross. But, another plus is that I can shower on my lunch break.

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