Weight problems of a self employed Diva…

Working from home doesn’t make you gain weight, but it can sure help! In other words, working from home makes it really easy to become more sedentary.  You can be so relaxed, drinking coffee in your morning robe holding your fluffy cat in your lap. Taking naps here and there… snacking when ever you want.

I have gained 20 pounds over the last 4 years, since I quit my job and became full time self employed. It seems like I gained 10 of those pounds just last year, as I was working at my desk 12-14 hours a day 6 or 7 days a week… all year.

I hear being stressed out and missing sleep contributes to weight gain, and I see it on myself.

The good news is that working from home also makes it easy to get exercise. You have no excuse, I know I don’t! I have a stair stepper machine in my office, it was a Christmas gift to myself last year – that I don’t use nearly enough.

More good news is that its easy to eat healthy when you work from home. Keep plenty of healthy food around!

I know some of my problem foods, bread. candy. And, I have lost weight in the past by cutting those things out of my diet. This time I am doing things a bit differently. I am going to cut dairy also.

I am already hooked on spinach berry smoothies… how hard can it be? We shall see…

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