No substitute for perseverance.

Don’t give up and be prepared not to let up for 3-5 years.

Expect to get burned out.

These things happen, so expect them. Don’t be upset that you did not get a vacation last year or that you have worked long hours for too long.

You will succeed if you can push yourself through that rough initial period where you are establishing yourself.

No, its not healthy per se.  So, learn about self care and do those things to help you cope.

Hard work is the number one reason you will succeed as self-employed.  That being said, you absolutely must know your value and pay yourself fairly.

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New Year Resolutions…

They feel good to talk about. It also feels good to know that no one really expects you to fulfill them.

Some will achieve their resolution, some will not.

Those that didn’t achieve, forgot their goal and dropped it.

Those that achieved, forgot their resolution – because they made it a habit.

Then one November Saturday afternoon, they look up and notice that they surpassed their resolution – and it seems like they didn’t even have to try.

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