Why I love Angry Customers…

Don’t be nervous… think of it as an opportunity! Sounds so damn cheesy. Ya…

Well, it is an opportunity.  An opportunity to showcase your calm disposition, problem solving skills, ability to compromise and listen, and build valuable rapport.

A complaining customer is a customer who is communicating with you – which is far better than an angry customer who doesn’t tell you when they aren’t happy with your service, and just stop hiring you. You know?

A couple of suggestions.

1. Address their concern in a prompt email, be sure to close that email with a statement that lets them know that you want to make things easier for them – as you are of service. Or, something similar and relevant to your product being useful and satisfactory.

2. Call them immediately after your email. As you listen to the phone ringing, force a smile on your damn face and hold it until they answer. Why? Because they CAN HEAR YOUR SMILE. I mean that, and if you think about it – you will agree!

3. Engage them in conversation about your work and their needs. You would be surprised how much you can learn – and don’t be shy about it either. You need to let them know that you find value in their knowledge, input, and/or expertise.

With a smile on your face (that they can hear) and genuine interest – you will be surprised how fast they begin to appreciate you, RIGHT after they were belly aching… its magic. 😉

thanks for reading, if there is anyone out there. I create these posts for me first, for my expression, notes on ideas, and to be my own moral support. So, if no one reads, thats ok too.

this post originated at brazenhustle.com


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