How to keep a client, long term.

For freelancers, client work is on and off. You’ll work with different clients throughout the year.  There will be periods where you don’t work for certain clients at all. If you want to keep a client, be sure to check in on them periodically (not occasionally) during times that you are not working together.

Periodically – meaning intentionally at a predetermined time interval, ex: quarterly, monthly, weekly, etc. You want to be consistent. predictable. persistent. reliable. diligent.  The focus in periodic communication is good service.

Occasionally – meaning randomly at your convenience, or only when you need them.  The focus in occasional communication is selfish service.

If you don’t consistently check in on them, they will think you are busy or forget about you entirely. Then, when their hot water is boiling over they will remember you and wish they had called you to help before it was too late. Which means, you missed out on their business… and you didn’t keep them as a client.

Remember, they are too busy to be thinking of you – and if they do, it will go kinda like this, “Oh ya, I should call them and see if they are available. I’ll do it tomorrow.”  Tomorrow never comes people, its always today and they may never actually call.

The same goes for prospects that would be clients. Keep checking in and letting them know you are here to support their business.

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